EAU21 General Assembly: New EAU Board and Executive Members

Typically, the Annual EAU Congress is also the occasion for the annual General Assembly, where new positions within the EAU are approved and other matters voted on by the membership.

Tue, 13 Jul 2021
EAU 21EAU Scientific Congress OfficeEAU Executive

Because of the last-minute postponement and decision to hold a virtual congress in 2020, this was not possible at EAU20.

At EAU21 however, a virtual General Assembly was convened on July 12th with EAU members joining from their homes and offices. A lot of new people joined the EAU’s board and executive, as the officials that were due to stand down in 2020 stayed on for one year longer to oversee the transition.

The most important new positions as of EAU21:

EAU Executive and Board

Prof. James N’Dow (Aberdeen, GB) is now Adjunct Secretary General – Education after serving as the Guideline Office Chair since 2014. He is succeeding Prof. Van Poppel.

Prof. Jens Sonksen (Herlev, DK) is now EAU Treasurer, having served as Adjunct Secretary General – Clinical Practice since 2017. He is succeeding Prof. Wirth.

Prof. Peter Albers (Düsseldorf, DE) is now Chair of the Scientific Congress Office, having served that Office as a member since 2012. He is succeeding Prof. Stenzl.

Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos (Patras, GR) is Chair of the Education Office, having served as chairman of the EAU Section of Uro-Technology since 2016 and also a board member of the European School of Urology. He is succeeding Prof. Palou.

Prof. Axel Merseburger (Lübeck, DE) is Chair of the European Urology Scholarship Programme (EUSP) Office, having served in a variety of EAU positions since 2005. He is succeeding Prof. Mirone.

Prof. Marko Babjuk (Prague, CZ) is Chair of the EU-ACME Office, having served as a EUREP faculty member and chairing the EAU Guidelines Working Panel on NMIBC. Prof. Babjuk is succeeding Prof. Nijman.

Prof. María José Ribal Caparrós (Barcelona, ES) is now Chair of the EAU Guidelines Office, having been its Vice-Chair since 2019 and on its board since 2015. She is succeeding Prof. N’dow.

Prof. Hendrik Van Poppel (Leuven, BE) is Chair of the EU Policy Office, a new office that deals with European legislation and other international initiatives. Prof. Van Poppel was most recently EAU Adjunct Secretary – Education.

Mr. Eamonn Rogers (Galway, IE) is Chair of the newly-formed EAU Patient Office. This is a new office and a new position on the EAU Board.

EAU Section Office:

Prof. Alberto Breda (Barcelona, ES) is Chair of the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS). He is replacing Prof. Mottrie, its founding member.

Prof. Maurizio Colecchia (Milan, IT) is Chair of the EAU Section of Uropathology (ESUP), replacing Prof. Montironi.

Prof. Christian Seitz (Vienna, AT) is Chair of the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS), succeeding Prof. Sarica.