High expectations and confidence about UroEvidenceHub platform

EAU Adjunct Secretary General Prof. James N’Dow shared his thoughts on the recently-launched UroEvidenceHub with the Innovative Health Initiative website. The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is a public-private partnership (PPP) between the European Union and the European life science industries.

Mon, 15 May 2023
Uro Evidence HubEAU Policy Office

Prof. N’Dow is confident about the UroEvidenceHub, based on the EAU’s prior experiences with bringing together a wide range of experts for the IMAGINE project: “There is a willingness, when there is trust, that the agenda is for the greater good,” he said. “We as a professional medical society understand that the expectations on us are, for now, not matched by our resources, so we know that we cannot do this on our own.”

Building on earlier experiences with OPTIMA and PIONEER, the UroEvidenceHub compiles data from clinical trials and real-world data, which is then analysed to fill gaps in existing knowledge and ultimately benefits Europe’s urology patients. The project is a major new initiative that was announced at EAU23 in Milan earlier this year.

Read the full article on the Innovative Health Initiative website.

Profs. N'Dow and Cornford led discussion at the "EAU Data Initiatives" session at EAU23 in Milan.