ESU introduces new urolithiasis e-course in collaboration with EULIS

Mon, 4 Sep 2017 • by Erika de Groot

The EAU Education Online course Introduction to Upper Urinary Tract Endoscopy for Stones is the latest installment to a series of highly-informative e-courses designed to equip junior urologists and to refresh the more experienced with the latest in ureteroscopic stone management. The e-course is the result of a successful collaborative effort among the European School of Urology (ESU), the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS), and the EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT).

“Young urologists who will take the e-course will receive relevant information on all aspects of ureteroscopic stone management. They will be familiarised with systems, techniques and instruments so that they will have no difficulty nor hesitancy in the operating theatre,” said Prof. Dr. Kemal Sarica, Chairman of the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS). Other esteemed and internationally-known developers of the Urolithiasis e-course are Dr. Kamran Ahmed (EULIS Board Member and EULIS Educational Group Lead), Dr. Ben Van Cleynenbreugel (ESU Board Member), and Dr. Joan Palou (ESU Chairman).

This e-course provides a practical step-by-step in performing flexible ureteroscopy, the tips and tricks, and troubleshooting difficult cases.


Dr. Ahmed summed up the numerous advantages of taking the e-course, “Participants will acquire basic knowledge on the rigid and flexible ureteroscopes, their assembly, optics and components . They will also learn about the use of baskets, lasers, guide-wires, stents and catheters, as well as, the history and evolution of endoscopic stone surgery.”

Dr. Van Cleynenbreugel added, “This e-course also provides a practical step-by-step in performing flexible ureteroscopy, the tips and tricks, and troubleshooting difficult cases.”

An application has been made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this course.

Development process

A delphi process was used to identify and develop the e-course contents. Expert insights from the EULIS-ESU education group, EULIS team members and key opinion leaders formed the course structure and finalised its contents. The e-course is a highly- important part of the standardised EAU - EULIS endourological stone management curriculum. An article focusing on the importance of this step was recently published.

Online learning

“Although it is also important to have face-to-face contact with experts, it is clear that online teaching is effective as well. It facilitates knowledge and self-evaluation straightaway at any time, any place. And the ESU recognises the advantages and the effectiveness of both; whether participants are physically attending ESU activities (e.g. masterclasses and courses) or taking the e-courses, these activities are organised by an excellent faculty together with the EAU sections”, said Dr. Palou.

Take the new e-course now and enhance your knowledge!