ESUT20: Leipzig to welcome “present and future of surgical technology”

“ESUT20 is THE event where experts and beginners can see the present and future of surgical technology,” says Dr. Bernardo Rocco, board member of the titular EAU Section of Uro-Technology of the section’s upcoming 7th meeting in Leipzig, Germany.

Wed, 27 Nov 2019 • Loek Keizer
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Delegates can look forward to two full days of the best of uro-technology, mainly demonstrated by means of live surgery broadcasts. Pre-recorded videos of special cases will fill the gaps in the live programme.

The meeting will take place on 23-24 January 2020 and will be held in conjunction with the German Society of Urology’s (DGU) Working Groups of Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotic-Assisted Surgery. Late registration is available until January 15th. Different fees are available for EAU Members, Nurses, Residents and Medical Students.

Upcoming technology

Dr. Rocco gives a preview of what technologies can be expected in the OR in the near future, much of which will be demonstrated in Leipzig. Urologists can use meetings like ESUT20 to prepare for this future.

“In the short term, the variety and amount of robots for prostate, kidney and reconstructive surgery will grow,” Rocco says. “With the expected advent of new competitors on the market, robotic surgery will become more widespread. Robotics training centres such as the ORSI Academy will be the key for today’s young urologists to prepare adequately for this.” Beyond robotics, “digital and disposable endoscopic devices are improving kidney stone treatment and furthermore new lasers are of great interest for prostate surgery.”

New developments in laser and microscopy combine to form a potential breakthrough technique. Rocco: “With great interest I follow the increasing role of laser for upper tract urothelial carcinoma, together with in vivo microscopy. At the moment we are studying, with promising results, the ex vivo fluorescent microscopy for prostate biopsy and intraoperative frozen section. We will show very interesting results in Leipzig.”

Far from reducing the surgeon to a cog in the machine, or a technician to the increasing number of devices in the OR, Rocco sees the surgeon as someone very much in charge. “I work a few minutes’ drive from the Ferrari factory in Modena, and it is easy for me to make parallels between surgery and car racing. Today more than in the past, technology is essential! But the skilled driver still makes the difference in a race.”

Working with the DGU

ESUT20 is co-organised with the DGU Working Groups of Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotic Assisted Surgery, specialised sections of the Germany Urological Society. What can ESUT20 delegates expect from the collaborative meeting? Dr. Rocco hopes to replicate the successful experience of the ESUT18 in Modena. “There, we integrated attendees from the ESUT with the those from the Italian Endourologic Association.”

“That meeting saw experts in endourology, laparoscopy, robotics, all joined together for three days of live surgery in the comfortable setting of the high-tech city of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Similarly, ESUT20 will provide all of us -German, European and worldwide urologists– the best opportunity to share individual research and expertise, and improve the common knowledge in uro-technology.”

On a final note, Rocco adds: “In Leipzig there is a wonderful Porsche Centre, to keep the association between car racing and uro-technology going. We will be in good hands and I look forward to seeing all of our colleagues in Leipzig!”