European Urology Today shifts to new digital-only format

The EAU’s long-running membership newsletter, European Urology Today has been re-launched as a digital-only publication. From the June/July edition of 2023, the newsletter will be published as an interactive PDF on Uroweb and distributed via e-mail. Its format has been redesigned to a more screen-friendly landscape A4 and features all the existing sections and contributors.

Mon, 10 Jul 2023
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Its Editor-in-Chief and EAU Executive member in charge of communications Prof. Jens Sønksen explains the reasoning in his editorial in the new edition:

“This change is part of a wider reconsideration of the EAU’s communications strategy. It’s clear that the future is digital. COVID-19 proved that we could change the way we work, and the way we train, and perhaps that gave us the courage to go ahead with this change.”

“An important part of the decision was that it didn’t fit in the EAU’s sustainability ambitions to ship paper copies across the world. Sustainability and environmental concerns are of course not just felt within the EAU but also in our hospitals. Our scientific journal European Urology and its sister publications turned digital several years ago and that transition can serve as proof that a digital publication can be very successful.”

For the time being, European Urology Today will continue to be published on its regular quarterly basis. EAU members and other subscribers will receive an e-mail alert when a new edition goes online.

A long tradition

The roots of European Urology Today can be traced to the 9th EAU Congress in Amsterdam in 1990. The promotional Congress Newsletters of 1989 and 1990 gave way to on-site editions of the newly-established European Urology Today. Prof. Frans Debruyne was the founding editor. The first regular edition was published in the spring of 1991 and featured a summary of the most important topics discussed at the 1990 Congress, as well as submitted letters and opinion pieces.

For over thirty years, European Urology Today was sent to the EAU’s members by post, although its contents would over the years increasingly make its way online on Uroweb or other sites. Appropriately, considering the circumstances of its foundation, a printed edition will continue to be made for the Annual Congress so that people can enjoy a paper copy when they wait for the sessions to begin.