Advanced imaging may help in clinical treatment of prostate cancer

An advanced imaging method is showing promise as a way to improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer by giving clinicians a clearer view of suspected tumours during biopsy.

Fri, 10 Mar 2023
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A trial conducted at the University Hospital Bonn, in Germany, has been testing the benefit of a scanning method known as PSMA-PET/CT to help target where to take biopsy samples.

Interim results reveal that when used alongside standard imaging techniques, the additional scans might help clinicians make improved decisions about subsequent courses of treatment.

Compared to the standard scans alone, when PSMA-PET/CT was used clinicians changed how they might treat a patient with clinically significant prostate cancer in 19% of cases.

The technique also helped to detect significantly more clinically significant prostate cancers.

The findings are presented today at the European Association of Urology Annual Congress in Milan.