The EAU Research Foundation

The EAU Research Foundation (EAU RF) was established in 2007, as an independent foundation.

The EAU Executive Board acts as the foundation’s Board of Trustees  – this ensures close ties between the two organisations. The European Association of Urology currently provides most of the EAU-RF funding, enabling the foundation to perform independent research. Furthermore, this tight cooperation

helps to align goals and to be consistent in the implementation of projects in the field of urology research.

The foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 09165573 and its fiscal number is 8183.32.979.

Our vision

Today, there are many unmet needs in the field of independent urological research. At the same time, Europe as a platform, holds great potential for impactful investigations.

We strive towards a future, in which European urology research is abounding, relevant, high-quality, and yielded through a consolidated collaborative infrastructure.

Our Mission

The mission of the EAU-RF is to promote, facilitate and stimulate clinical and basic research in European urology. We set out to achieve this mission by acting as a bridge between urological centres, research organisations and the EAU.

Our objectives

In order to achieve this mission, we have formulated the following objectives:

  • To identify needs and opportunities for urological research in Europe
  • To develop a solid infrastructure which can support research initiatives in Europe
  • To design and carry out clinical and basic research trials relevant to the European urological community
  • To set up and maintain registries of urological diseases
  • To develop and carry out collaborative projects in research with the participation of the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry.
  • To support high-potential urology researchers through fellowship and career opportunities.

Our structure

The EAU Research Foundation is comprised of three committees.

The Clinical Studies Committee

EAU clinical registries and registry centres

The EAU Registries

EAU clinical trials and trial centres, EAU expert committees, clinical research scholarship

All EAU RF projects are implemented by the EAU Central Research Office, which is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Their core responsibilities among others include study protocol, quality management, data management and statistical analyses and report.

The Basic Research Committee

EAU basic research laboratories, EAU registry of methodologies, EAU basic research network, basic research scholarship opportunities

The work of these committees is coordinated by the Executive Board. As part of its structure, the foundation includes representation of the European Urology Scholarship Programme and the EAU Office Commercial Affairs.


Our expertise

Our narrow focus is our strength. The foundation’s area of expertise lies solely with urological indications and all key players within the governance structure of the EAU RF are Europe’s top urology practitioners.

The foundation has extensive experience in researching a wide range of therapeutic areas in the field, from endourology and oncology to minimally invasive surgery and treatment modalities in functional urology. Our expertise in basic research is equally comprehensive.

EAU Research Foundation Board

EAU Foundation for Urological Research

A.S. Bjartell

Malmö (SE)

G. Jenster

Rotterdam (NL)

B. Kiemeney

Nijmegen (NL)

A. Miernik

Freiburg (DE)

C. Moore

London (GB)

A. Necchi

Milan (IT)

S. Shariat

Vienna (AT)

W.P.J. Witjes

Arnhem (NL)

T.E. Bjerklund Johansen

Oslo (NO)

M. Colombel

Lyon (FR)

A. Tubaro

Rome (IT)

R.W.G. Watson

Dublin (IE)

G. Cacciamani

Los Angeles (US)

A.S. Merseburger

Lübeck (DE)

A. Stenzl

Tübingen (DE)