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At the EAU RF we are committed to improving the standard of urology research in European urology across a wide range of subspecialty areas.

As part of this improvement we strive towards active patient recruitment, efficient trial processes as well as a well-structured infrastructure for conducting trials.

The EAU RF is strategically placed to deliver on these core objectives. We provide a solid platform on which the European urology research infrastructure is being built.

The EAU RF connects centres, investigators, sponsors and coordination facilities and we are now well on the way towards Europe’s most extensive trial network. All urologists and centres specialised in clinical or basic research are welcome to join this network.

You can do so, by filling out a form below. Whenever a trial, which matches your area of expertise and preferences, is launched, the EAU Central Research Office will contact you.

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Due to technical problems, it is currently not possible to register as an investigator.