Initiate a Trial

One of the core objectives of the EAU Research Foundation is to identify the needs and opportunities for urological research in Europe. As part of this objective we build partnerships with urology centres and the industry, as these partnerships often lead to new insights and trends in urology research. It is our goal to translate these partnerships into registries/trials initiated by the industry or by the investigators.

Trials initiated by the industry
The EAU RF has a comprehensive infrastructure to design and carry out clinical and basic research trials in urology and we welcome you to contact us if you have a trial proposal.

If you would like to initiate a trial with the EAU Research Foundation, you will need to submit a proposal which will then undergo an evaluation process.

Trials initiated by the investigators
We believe that investigator initiated trials play a vital role in the development of urology research in Europe and we are committed to supporting proposals which are of high relevance to the European scientific community and clinical practice. The EAU Research Foundation is currently not in the position to support large financial sums of money. What we could offer – in line with the mission statement of the EAU Research Foundation – is to use EAU Research Foundation’s infrastructure to facilitate your project.

Evaluation process

The graph below outlines the process of evaluation and the rating criteria for the studies.