European Robotic Curriculum (CC-ERUS)

The EAU Robotic Training Curriculum is a structured and validated modular training program aimed at improving the ability to perform RARP.

During the European Robotic Curriculum, mentors and trainees are required to record scores and performances in order to objectivize fellows’ improvements and efficacy of the training. In addition, the mentor should regularly provide feedback on the progress of the trainee. Specifically, the trainees will be asked to periodically fill in an online form in order to assess and follow-up their surgical modular training.

Below, you can find the detailed schedule of the EAU/ERUS Robotic Training Curriculum program:

Month 1: Case observations and tableside assistance (at least 10 cases)

Week 5: Advanced 5-day robotic skills course at Orsi Academy in Melle, Belgium:

  • Hands-on training:
    • Hands-on simulator
    • Hands-on dry lab training on pelvic model & canine cadaver
    • Hands-on wet lab training on porcine model
    • Live case observations at the OLV Hospital in Aalst in the OR of Prof. Dr Mottrie
  • Non-technical skills training
  • Procedure-specific theoretical training

After completion of these 5 days, participants receive an ERUS/ESU certificate of attendance.

Month 2 – 6: Modular radical prostatectomy console training at the Host centre:

  • Bladder detachment (at least 20 cases)
  • Endopelvic fascia incision (at least 15 cases)
  • Bladder neck incision (at least 15 cases)
  • Section of vasa and preparation of seminal vesicles (at least 15 cases)
  • Dissection of the posterior plane (at least 10 cases)
  • Dissection of prostatic pedicles (at least 10 cases)
  • Dissection of neurovascular bundles (at least 5 cases)
  • Ligation of the Santorini plexus (at least 10 cases)
  • Apical dissection (at least 5 cases)

Upon completion of month 6, participants are invited to send a video of a case, that will be blind reviewed by a panel of experts in order to receive an EAU certificate of excellence.

Extra: If you are NOT a fellow in one of the ERUS robotic host centres, you can still enrol in the ‘Advanced 5-day robotic skills course at Orsi Academy’  as a stand-alone skills course.