EAU Section of Transplantation Urology (ESTU)


In times of increasing age of kidney donors and recipients urological, expertise is a central issue. The EAU Section of Transplantation Urology (ESTU) aims to bring senior experts in the field of renal transplantation and young urologists interested in this rewarding medical field in contact with each other. We believe that renal transplantation not only proves to be a rewarding and challenging task for urologists but that renal transplantation nowadays cannot be performed optimally without urologists.

Involvement of urologists – either as the transplanting surgeon itself, as part of a transplantation team or as a consultant of a transplantation center – should always be realized in renal transplantation and kidney donation. Therefore, the mission of the ESTU also is to underline the important role of the urologist in renal transplantation.

Additionally, it is important for the ESTU to promote initiatives on clinical, basic and translational research in all fields of Renal Transplantion and, in order to achieve this goal, to integrate at our meetings all the specialists involved in this part of the specialty (urologists, nephrologists, microbiologists, transplant coordinators, etc. ).

The meeting of the Board of the ESTU during the annual congress of the European Urological Association responds to the need to provide a forum to update knowledge, dissemination of scientific advances on the field of renal transplantation and exchange of experiences among the professionals involved.

The ESTU provides aims to help professionals and advanced training in this discipline by updating different subject areas, and through communication and discussion of the results derived from experience generated in the different renal transplantation units.


  • motivation of urologists to engage in the field of renal transplantation, including pre-transplant urological evaluation, preparation of potential transplant recipients and management of urological problems pre- and post-transplant
  • improvement and standardisation of operative techniques in kidney donors and recipients.
  • sensitizing for and optimizing of the handling of psychological and social issues concerning kidney donation (including living donors) and transplant recipients.
  • increasing and intensifying cooperation with other faculties involved in renal transplantation for providing best medical care in this field.
  • organisation of activities to teach relevant knowledge of all aspects of renal transplantation to urologists and others interested in this field.
  • stimulation and support for clinical and research studies in the field of renal transplantation
  • stimulation of cooperation and exchange of experience with other EAU sections, with the EBU and with national and international transplantation societies
  • achieving grants for and coordination of research in the field of Kidney Transplantation, including studies on immunosuppression
  • development and updating of Guidelines for Renal Transplantation
  • scholarships of the EAU for visiting renal transplant programs of ESTU associates
  • educational Calendar for main Meetings and Congresses (see below)
  • providing editorial reviews of articles and books on kidney transplantation by ESTU board members and/ or invited Professors