EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI)


The EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI) The ESUI, a section of the European Association of Urology, aims to increase the knowledge and integrate the know-how on imaging techniques among urologists. With its emphasis on multidisciplinary strategies and goal to improve collaboration with related specialities and affiliates, including radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians, the ESUI offers various activities to its members and other urological professionals.

To complement the EAU’s scientific and educational initiatives, the ESUI organises courses and training during its meetings and participates in the EAU’s broader educational strategies. Over the years, the ESUI’s membership has steadily expanded and its long-term strategies include knowledge-sharing with organisations and specialists groups not only within the urological community but also with other medical disciplines.


The ESUI organises meetings to present urological imaging at different podia in Europe on a regular basis. One of the main platforms is its annual meeting held in various European cities. These meetings address controversial issues in urology, particularly new developments and challenges in urological imaging, its role in optimal diagnostic and treatment modalities, and the exchange of know-how among the international experts.

Further on, the ESUI is organizing and endorsing clinical trials that evaluate urological imaging in clinical settings. They also organise surveys that address current issues and controversies on a European level. Finally the ESUI is also active in the EAU guidelines process by providing expertise in urological imaging.