EAU Section of Urologists in Office (ESUO)

The EAU Section of Urologists in Office (ESUO) aims to address core issues that affect and are of interest to office urologists. Office urologists treat out-patients and are mostly self-employed. They provide care and full consultations in their own office and not in a hospital’s out-patient department.

Urological conditions affecting out-patients are not as severe as diseases that require treatment in a hospital, but these patients need a more specialized care than what a general practitioner can offer. Office urologists manage the full breadth of urological conditions but focus on diseases with moderate extent. They collaborate closely with clinics on the one hand, and general practitioners on the other.

Office urology is commonly practiced in some Central and South European countries, but is also present in nearly all countries in Europe. The ESUO is created in 2017 to provide support to office urologists, particularly with regards scientific, clinical and professional information related to their specialty.

EAU Section of Urologists in Office chart

What are the goals of ESUO?

The ESUO aims to:

  • Define issues related to office urologists’ scientific and clinical interests;
  • Create a network of office urologists across Europe;
  • Collaborate with national associations and affiliated groups with regards issues affecting office urology.
  • Examine the working conditions (features and organisation) of office urologists in Europe to clearly define the scope of office urology and enable the planning of relevant activities;
  • Offer courses on relevant issues during the Annual EAU Congress and in other EAU-organised meetings in close cooperation with other EAU Sections;
  • Participate in the EAU’s e-learning activities to cater to the needs of office urologists who prefer home-based education; and
  • Offer a literature service to office urologists focussing particularly on research outcomes directly related to their specialty.

How does the ESUO works?

The ESUO works within the EAU’s organizational structure with planned activities that complement the EAU’s core mission. Currently, there are Section members representing Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The Section Chairman is responsible for the ESUO’s organizational work. As a relatively new EAU Section, the ESUO is working to recruit more office urologists from other European countries.

Who can benefit from the ESUO?

The ESUO’s activities are meant to serve all office urologists including non-EAU members. We also welcome urologists from out-patient departments of clinics, resident doctors who are urologists-in-training and career urologists with a deep interest in office urology.

What can we do for you?

Our members can look forward to half-day ESUO meetings during the Annual EAU Congress, and we also intend to organize, under the auspices of the EAU, sessions at meetings of the national urological societies. ll these meetings are planned and run by office urologists with the goal to look into issues that affect the daily practice of office urology. The Scientific Programme of these sessions will be led by scientific and clinical experts who will examine the latest developments and provide updates in key topics. Our meetings will be interactive, practical and will offer a platform for a thorough evaluation of current treatment approaches.

Moreover, the initial phase of our activities will include setting up a literature service accessible to office urologists who are in need of research updates and selected office urology-related papers.

In cooperation with EAU Education Office, the European School of Urology and other EAU Sections, we intend to create webinars and e-courses for learning at home.

Interested to join us?

To create a strong and representative network of office urologists, we welcome your feedback and interest to join our community. Drop us an e-mail, addressed to the ‘EAU Section of Urologists in Office, to: esuo@uroweb.org

Members of our community can receive or access on a regular basis section reports, news and the ESUO’s literature service. Any personal communication or data we receive from you will be treated confidentially and will solely be used for communication