Young Academic Urologists (YAU)

The Young Academic Urologists (YAU) aims to promote high-quality studies in order to provide strong evidence for the best urological practice, to promote educational programmes in order to boost European training standards and to create a platform for close international cooperation for the future urology leaders in Europe (and beyond).

The YAU was established by the EAU as part of the Young Urologists Office (YUO). Thanks to strategic partnerships with the Guidelines Office, the Sections Office and the ESU, the YAU is one of the natural partners of the EAU in the development of clinical, educational and investigation projects.

The development of leadership skills for young urologists is another important activity by the YAU. As a result of this network and cooperation, the young academic urologist will be able to further enhance his or her academic career and improve scientific skills by exchanging and exploring new ideas.

Get involved

Take an active part in the EAU's activities for young urologists. It is a unique opportunity to find out more about medical practices of other countries, to broaden your horizon and all in all to become a better doctor and scientist.

YAU is going prospective

One of the aims of YAU is to improve academic skills of our members and to provide high quality evidence. If you are a YAU member or you are looking forward to submit your application, please read the following recommendations for project proposals.