Discussion with Prof. Badani at ERUS23 on RAPN

In this podcast, UROONCO RCC associate editor Dr. Riccardo Bertolo (IT) interviews a recognised world leader in the research and treatment of kidney cancer, Prof. Ketan Badani (US), from Mount Sinai Hospital. He answers questions on robot-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN) after his live surgery session at ERUS23 in Florence, Italy.

Published Wed, 20 Sep 2023
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Prof. Badani elaborates on the concept of complexity in RAPN.

Another point in the discussion is the decision algorithm in counselling the patient to multi-port vs. single port robotics.

Finally, Prof. Badani also shares some personal experience on training for the future of robotic surgery and how single-port can teach surgeons how to operate more autonomously when operating multi-port, which has historically relied on a significant bedside team/assistance.

To keep up to date with kidney cancer developments, you can also visit our educational platform, UROONCO Kidney Cancer.

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