Dr. Josine Quaedackers talks about testicular microlithiasis in children

In this podcast, Dr. Josine Quaedackers explains what microlithiasis is, and provides some advice on a case in an adolescent boy.

Published Tue, 30 Nov 2021
PodcastPaediatric UrologyEAU GuidelinesMicrolithiasis
Organiser ESU
Duration 7 min

In adults testicular microlithiasis has been associated with an increased risk of testicular malignancy. Dr. Josine Quaedackers (NL) gives her expert knowledge about whether this is the same in children or not.

She discusses what the risks are when a child with testicular microlithiasis becomes an adult. And finally, she gives advice on a case about an incidental finding of testicular microlithiasis in an adolescent boy.

Dr. Josine Quaedackers is a member of the EAU Guidelines panel on Paediatric Urology.

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