Dr. Riccardo Bertolo and Dr. Alberto Breda talk about robotic surgery for kidney cancer

In this edition, we have Dr. Riccardo Bertolo (IT), the associate editor of UROONCO RCC editorial board, together with Dr. Alberto Breda (ES), Head of the Oncology Urology Unit and Kidney Transplant Surgical Team Urology Department, Fundació Puigvert, Barcelona, and chairman of ERUS and president of the ERUS22 congress, talking about the novel alternative robotic platform that was recently launched in Europe.

Published Sun, 13 Nov 2022
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Dr. Riccardo Bertolo and Dr. Alberto Breda share highlights on their first experiences with the Hugo robot in performing partial nephrectomy. They discuss the docking/port placement and give details about the Da Vinci experience (S/Si) in regard to facilitating the landing with this new technology.

They share views on the idea of whether or not the multi-carts Hugo robot will prevent the widespread diffusion of the retroperitoneal robotic approach to partial nephrectomy.

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