Dr. Tailly and Dr. Sedelaar discuss work - well-being balance, and is it possible?

In 'Episode 1' of the series on "What young urologists need to know", segment 2 covers the topic of "Balancing the life of a young urologist". Dr. Thomas Tailly (BE) and Dr. Michiel Sedelaar (NL) offer a comprehensive exploration of the age-old question: Is it truly possible to strike a balance between work and well-being?

Published Sun, 17 Mar 2024
PodcastYoung UrologistsWell BeingNon Medical Skills

Dr. Tailly and Dr. Sedelaar delve into the intricate interplay between work and well-being. Through their insightful discussion and evidence-based insights, you can gain ideas on how to achieve a harmonious balance between professional commitments and personal fulfilment. Tune in to learn some practical strategies to cope in today's fast-paced world of urology.

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