Prof. Kaouk talks about the novel single-port robotic platform

In this podcast, Dr. Riccardo Bertolo (IT), associate editor of the UROONCO kidney cancer editorial board talks to Prof. Jihad Kaouk (US) from the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, about his recent AUA2023 presentation, "Single port robotic urologic surgery: Where are we today and where are we headed?"

Published Sun, 21 May 2023
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The discussion includes details on the pioneering of new technologies, specifically the novel single-port robotic platform. Prof. Kaouk talks about the adoption of its use into daily practice and what it's value is, with many advantages far beyond cosmetic appearance.

Prof. Kaouk shares a summary of the technical modifications his team had to deal with in regards to resection and renorrhaphy techniques during partial nephrectomy, such as modified anterior access for retroperitoneal approach to partial nephrectomy.

Lastly, what are the plans for the single-port platform in Europe?

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