Prof. Mottet and Prof. Cornford discuss early detection of PCa

In this podcast, Prof. Nicolas Mottet and Prof. Phil Cornford discuss the 2023 EAU Guidelines for prostate cancer. The new recommendation is to investigate early detection of prostate cancer as part of the EU's new cancer strategy.

Published Sun, 30 Apr 2023
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They talk about active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer patients to avoid over-treatment, as well as the PSMA staging process for high-risk disease, and caution on altering treatment without sufficient evidence. The importance of standardised MRI procedures and the need for quality control to avoid unnecessary biopsies is also discussed.

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Mottet (FR) is the chair of the EAU Guidelines prostate cancer panel. Prof. Phil Cornford (GB) is vice-chair of the same panel.

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