Prof. Somani and Mr. Jones discuss urolithiasis in pregnancy

In this podcast, Prof. Bhaskar Somani (GB), an associate of the EULIS - Working Group on ureteroscopic management of stones, and Mr. Patrick Jones (NO), a member of the EAU Young Academic Urology urolithiasis group, discuss the challenges of urolithiasis in pregnancy.

Published Sun, 5 Feb 2023
PodcastFemale UrologyUrolithiasisPregnancyEAU Guidelines

The management of kidney stones during pregnancy can be challenging for most urologists in terms of using the right diagnostics and treatment, to ensure the best outcomes for the patient and the foetus. A multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment is required (including the midwife).

Prof. Bhaskar and Mr. Jones share details on what type of imaging to use and what not to use, as well as treatment considerations.

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