UROwebinar: The azoospermic man becomes a father: From the outpatient clinic to the operating theatre

UROwebinar in collaboration with the ESAU-ESUO: The azoospermic man becomes a father: From the outpatient clinic to the operating theatre
Tue, 4 Jun 2024
WebinarAndrologyEAU Section Of Andrological UrologyEAU Section Of Outpatient And Office Urology
Organiser European School of Urology
CME 1.00
Location Online

This UROwebinar will describe the journey of men with non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA), from its diagnosis in the andrology laboratory and the outpatient clinic to the operating theatre, where they will be referred for the identification of foci of advanced testicular spermatogenesis up to the haploid male gamete stage.

The main objective of this UROwebinar is to discuss the surgical procedures for the identification and recovery of the most advanced spermatogenic cells within the seminiferous tubuli of NOA-men. Emphasis will be given to the effects of the employment prior to testicular surgery of optimisation treatments such as performance of varicocelectomy in NOA-men with varicoceles or the administration of pharmaceutical agents (e.g., gonadotropins, human chorionic gonadotropin [HCG], aromatase inhibitors, or selective oestrogen receptor modulators; among others) on sperm-recovery rate.

The UROwebinar will examine the diagnosis of NOA, the post-fertilisation effects of primary testicular damage on the oocyte activation rate, oocyte fertilisation rate, blastocyst development rate, pregnancy rate (PR), and the overall live birth rate. In addition, the webinar will extensively discuss the role of defects in sperm components such as the centrosomic blend, the phospholipase C zeta (PLCzeta), or the nucleus DNA integrity and the dysregulation of sperm DNA methylation on PR.


Ass. Prof. F. Dimitriadis (GR)
Prof. N. Sofikitis (GR)
Prof. C. Bettocchi (IT)
Prof. A. Salonia (IT)
Prof. S. Minhas (GB)
Prof. P.N. Schlegel (US)

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