Get involved

The EAU supports you throughout your career with programmes for continuing medical education and certification.

We not only offer you several educational programmes, scholarships and clinical visits, we also invite to take an active part in our activities for young urologists.

It is a unique opportunity to find out more about medical practices of other institutions, to broaden your horizon and all in all to become a better doctor and scientist.

How to apply

Minimum criteria to join the YAU are:

  • To be <40 years old
  • To be EAU member
  • To be affiliated to an academic institution
  • To have a track of at least 5 publications in the sub-field of expertise as first, second or last Authors. Peer- reviewed Journals in English can be considered.

The persons interested to join the EAU Young Academic Urologists Group can send an application to Angela Terberg (a.terberg(at) which should include:

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation + Statement for the group of interest
  • Letter of recommendation of the academic tutor/responsible
  • New Scientific Project draft (less than 500 words)

The applications are evaluated periodically by a body of peer-reviewers through a standardised evaluation form to guarantee transparency and objectivity.

Ex-officio, affiliate and associate member positions are only available depending on the internal decision of each working group.

Membership lasts for 4 years but it is appraised annually.

Membership can be renovated for a further 4-year term if the candidate still fulfils the minimum criteria and the internal approval.