All chapters of the 2024 Neuro-Urology Guidelines have been updated, based on the 2023 version of the Guidelines. References have been added throughout the document resulting in various text updates and changes in evidence summaries and recommendations including but not limited to:

  • Updates throughout Table 1 and the inclusion of data for Myasthenia gravis.
  • A new recommendation for blood pressure and heartrate monitoring in section
  • A new paragraph on other drugs used as medical therapy for neuro-urological symptoms in section as well as a new summary of evidence (SOE) and recommendation for mirabegron in section
  • Multiple text updates in section 3.4.3. on the various surgical intervention options for SUI in neurourological patients.
  • A new SOE and recommendation for sacral neuromodulation in section
  • A new recommendation against the use of dipstick urine analysis to screen for UTI in neuro-urological patients in section 3.5.4.