Call for Applications: Scientific Congress Office and Section Office Chairs

The EAU is looking for applicants to fill two upcoming vacancies on its board: Chair of the Scientific Congress Office and Chair of the Section Office. The positions are currently filled by Prof. Peter Albers and Prof. Jens Rassweiler, respectively, who are approaching the end of their terms. The new appointees will start after EAU24.

Wed, 18 Oct 2023
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Scientific Congress Office Chair

For Prof. Albers, this marks the end of an eventful term that started in 2020. The scientific programmes of two virtual congresses and two in-person congresses were designed under his watchful eye, with a new focus on topics like research and hard science, increased audience interaction and the presentation of the latest major developments.

The Scientific Congress Office maintains the highest scientific level for the Annual EAU Congresses and is composed of two committees: the Scientific Congress Committee and the Video Congress Committee. The chair of the EAU Scientific Congress Office also acts as chair of the Scientific Congress Committee. The Scientific Congress Committee is responsible for composing the entire scientific programme of the Annual EAU Congress: the general outline of the congress programme, the selection of topics, reviewers, speakers as well as the selection of abstracts to be accepted and other special events.

Find out more about the requirements for the job and how to apply. Application closes end of day 15 November, 2023.

Section Office Chair

Prof. Rassweiler is ending his second term as Section Office Chair, having started in 2016. Coming from the EAU Section of Uro-Technology, Prof. Rassweiler was a staunch defender of the interests of the Sections and closely involved in all of their meetings and activities. In his first term, the EAU welcomed the Office Urology Section and in his second there was an integration of Section meetings into new platforms like UROtech and UROonco.

The EAU Section Office is responsible for the development of superspecialistic sections covering all superspecialistic fields of urology. It develops all necessary scientific and clinical programmes to develop and strengthen the urological superspecialistic fields and sections within the EAU in close collaboration with the EAU Education Office. Its board is composed of the Chair and the Chairs of all of the Sections within the Office.

Find out more about the requirements for the job and how to apply. Application closes end of day 15 November, 2023.