What’s on the agenda for young urologists at EAU23?

There is a fascinating programme planned for this year’s edition of YUORDay which will take place on Saturday, 11 March 2023, during the Annual EAU Congress in Milan, Italy. Courtesy of the EAU Young Urologists Office (YUO) and the European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU), this special session is specifically designed for residents and young urologists.

Mon, 9 Jan 2023
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In this article, experts YAU Chair Dr. Juan Gómez Rivas (ES), ESRU Chair Dr. Diego Carrión Monsalve (ES), and YUO Chair Dr. Juan Luis Vásquez (DK) share some of the new additions to the YUORDay23 programme, as well as their personal highlights.

A talented academic network

According to Dr. Juan Gómez Rivas, “YUORDay is the best platform for motivated, enthusiastic and talented urologists who want to participate in an academic network within the European Association of Urology (EAU). There are two dedicated sessions at the Annual EAU Congress which allow for the younger generation to meet, share and expand their knowledge.

These two sessions include the Meeting of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU) on Friday, 10th March, from 10:45 to 15:00, as well as YUORDay23 on the Saturday from 10:15 to 18:15. Both sessions are of utmost importance as early career education will have a direct impact on patient care in the future.”

Dr. Gómez Rivas: “My personal highlights from the YUORDay23 programme are the surgical tips and tricks session, which will include laparoscopic retroperitoneal surgery, anatomic enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP), open nephrectomy and ureteroscopy. Also, there is a new session this year named “Urology for dummies” which aims to make a complicated topic simple. All novelties are embraced, so I am looking forward to joining in that session. The topics will include infertility work-up, metabolic study, castration-resistant prostate cancer and urodynamic study.”

Dissecting complicated cases

New to the programme this year is the nightmare cases session, which will allow young urologists to participate with experts in discussing complicated case management. Dr. Diego Carrión Monsalve elaborates on this brand-new session, “Because this is the first time we are doing it, we decided to invite ESRU current and former NCOs (ESRU National Communicator Officers) to send their cases to participate. From all the cases we received, we have chosen the best three (ESRU executive committee members voted blindly for every case). The authors of the three winning cases will be invited to present in the YUORDay session, and published in European Urology Today. For future years, our aim is to invite every resident/young urologist on our mailing list to participate in this sort of contest to present their nightmare cases.” Should you wish to be updated, please send an email to esru@uroweb.org.

The nightmare cases that have been chosen to be presented include, Case I: Renal trauma, urinary leak, and robotic surgical repair; Case II: A delayed bleeding complication after PCNL surgery; Case III: Ureteral lesion, open surgical repair: complications of surgery.

EAU Guidelines Cup 2023

Dr. Juan Luis Vásquez: “I look very much forward to the EAU Guidelines Cup, which I moderate together with Prof. Maria Ribal Caparros (ES), who currently chairs the EAU Guidelines Office. The Guidelines Cup is interactive and the quiz always leads to interesting discussions. It is super fun for the quiz masters, the audience and the contestants. The three top contestants from the first two online rounds, from three different countries, will be competing live on stage and testing their knowledge on the Guidelines for some great prizes. This is for me, the most fun activity of the whole congress.”

“This year we also have a session on research and academics, which I believe will be very inspiring for the residents and young urologists. Another session that appeals is ‘Challenging the guidelines’ which will bring a very interesting scientific discussion on hot topics, such as PSMA in initial staging of prostate cancer, and non-neurologic obstructive LUTS in young men.”

To explore the full scientific programme for YUORDay23, you can visit www.eau23.org.