ESU introduces new kidney-transplant masterclass

Expand what you know about kidney transplantation to help resolve challenges by joining the 1st ESU-ESTU Masterclass on Kidney Transplant, taking place in Madrid, Spain from 15 to 16 November.

Thu, 12 Jul 2018
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The number of candidates on the waiting list for a kidney transplant is increasing. With donor figures and characteristics changing over time, further development of kidney transplant preservation techniques is needed. Customisation of immunosuppression to adapt to the characteristics of both donor and receptor is also a growing necessity. Expand what you know about kidney transplantation to help resolve challenges such as these by joining the 1st ESU-ESTU Masterclass on Kidney Transplant, taking place in Madrid, Spain from 15 to 16 November.

Organised by the European School of Urology (ESU) and the EAU Section of Transplantation Urology (ESTU), this masterclass is designed to provide you a comprehensive coverage on organ preservation, emerging surgical technologies, frontline updates on immunosuppression and immunology, and oncological issues of donor and receptor.

Your training will include informative presentations, pre-recorded surgeries, and a cutting-edge hands-on training. Internationally-known urologists, nephrologists and pathologists who make up the faculty will guide you every step of the way.

What to expect on day one

The masterclass will kick start with presentations on non-heart beating donors, expanded criteria donor kidneys and evaluation of patients with oncologic diseases. Know more about kidney preservation during round-table discussions and workshops, which will be proceeded by interesting presentations on pulsatile hypothermic perfusion and normothermia. Then fine-tune your skills as you learn by doing during the hands-on training.

Later in the day, you will have the opportunity to observe valuable techniques in orthotopic, paediatric and kidney-pancreas transplants; and through semi-live surgeries in robotic procedures. Examine real-life cases and learn about typical complications in kidney transplant so you can prevent these from happening in your own practice. Day one will conclude with vital tips and tricks on urological prosthesis in kidney transplant patients from the best in the field.

Day two: Immunosuppression and pathology

Start the second day with learning more about the current status of immunosuppression and what lies in the future. Enhance your knowledge on the latest aspects in diagnosis and treatment on donor-organ rejection. When and how to perform a biopsy of renal graft will be explored during the masterclass as well. So expect lively debates.

Day two will continue with presentations on artificial intelligence applied in innovative ways. Medical issues such as hypertension, kidney transplant and infections, erectile dysfunction, and infertility will be tackled. The afternoon programme will include lectures on prostate-cancer management of kidney-transplant patients (localised and locally advanced); urothelial cancer in kidney-transplant patients; and renal tumours.

See you in Madrid

This masterclass will offer the ideal setting for your optimal theoretical and practical training. Optimise your decision-making process and enhance your management of commonly encountered complications. Chairmen Prof. Dr. Enrique Lledó García (ES) and Prof. Francisco Javier Burgos-Revilla (ES), and the rest of the esteemed faculty look forward to welcoming you in the Spanish capital. Mark your calendar and see you there!

For more information about the masterclass, please contact Ms. Wendy Dennissen via her email and check out the masterclass' scientific programme.