Young urologists take the spotlight at EAU24

To lead the way in early career development and empower the next generation, the Annual EAU Congress in Paris is hosting two days of special sessions exclusively for young urologists. The Meeting of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU) takes place on Friday, 5 April, and YUORDay24 is on Saturday, 6 April.

Thu, 8 Feb 2024
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Courtesy of the EAU Young Urologists Office (YUO) and the European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU), YAU Chair Dr. Juan Gómez Rivas (ES), ESRU Chair Dr. Enrico Checcucci (IT), and YUO Chair Dr. Juan Luis Vásquez (DK) have designed these special sessions to cover an array of important urology topics in various learning formats.

A focus on technology

During the YAU meeting, Dr. Marco Moschini (IT) and Dr. Inés Rivero Belenchón (ES) will moderate a session on artificial intelligence and innovative technologies. Topics include the use of AI to predict and detect residual stones, AI applications using MRI features for detection and staging prostate cancer, and machine learning modelling in urothelial detection and characterisation.

At YUORDay24, moderators Dr. Loic Baekelandt (BE), Dr. Checcucci and Dr. Aleksandra Rautio (EE) will oversee a session on new technologies for young surgeons and scientists. This session will include lectures on 3D models for planning and navigation in kidney surgery, aquablation, artificial intelligence for imaging to histology, and ChatGPT for clinics and academics.

Daily clinical cases in review

Moderated by Prof. Isabel Heidegger (AT) and Mrs. Alba Sierra del Rio (ES), the YAU meeting will feature multidisciplinary team discussions on several daily cases. Topics will include kidney stones in children with urinary diversion, enlarged prostate, rising PSA with negative prostate biopsies, and HPV-related localised penile cancer.

Three nightmare cases will be presented at YUORDay24 for discussion. Case I is a complete obstruction of a double-layered polytetrafluoroethylene membrane – covered self-expandable segmental metallic stent (UVENTA) due to encrustation. Case II covers Fournier’s Gangrene after circumcision, and Case III is on laparoscopic radical prostatectomy – it’s never too late for a complication. The moderators of this session are Dr. Luca Afferi (CH), Dr. Diego Carrión Monsalve (ES) and Dr. Vasco Quaresma (PT).

Experts share tips and tricks for surgery

At YUORDay24, Dr. Esteban Emiliani (ES), Dr. Annabelle Goujon (FR) and Dr. Adrian Khelif (BE) will lead the session dedicated to “Surgery tips and tricks”. Topics include how to gain access to the retroperitoneum with retroperitoneoscopic approach, how to maximise the quality of TURB and avoid intraoperative risks, percutaneous kidney puncture, and testicular cancer surgery.

Who will be the 2024 EAU Guidelines Cup champion?

Returning Guidelines masters, Prof. Maria Jose Ribal Caparros (ES) and Dr. Vásquez, will challenge three young finalists to show off their EAU Guidelines knowledge on stage and compete for the chance to be the champion at this year’s live EAU Guidelines Cup finale. The audience can also anonymously compete via voting pads, and the audience member with the highest score will receive a prize too!

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