Supported by thematic networks of expert volunteers from across the EAU membership and patient organisations, the EAU Policy Office actively keeps important urological topics high on the public agenda.

Key themes & projects

EU’s Beating Cancer Plan

Efforts to improve and advance early detection, care, treatment, survivorship, and life beyond must be intentional and multi-pronged. This is where the EU Cancer Plan comes in – an ambitious initiative launched in February 2021 detailing the European Commission’s plans to fight cancer in Europe. This plan goes hand-in-hand with the EU Cancer Research Mission which addresses the research and innovation needs within the Cancer Plan. For both, the goal is one – better patient outcomes.

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Research & Innovation

The EAU will strategically engage with EU funding channels, ensuring optimal impact for research in the field of urology, with a focus on research that demonstrates better outcomes for patients.

We will also tackle challenges of the unnecessary, burdensome bureaucracy in the conduct of clinical studies. The EAU co-leads the workpackage on informed consent in a coalition working on this issue.

Digitalisation of Health

The EAU coordinates two EU IMI funded Big Data projects and will use this ex to assist in the development of the European Health Data Space, ensuring that urological patients benefit from the use of digital data and Real World Evidence, and that data driven technologies such as AI are employed to their benefit.

Regulation of Medicines & Devices

The EAU will use its position as a member of the Healthcare Practitioners Working Party, and the JRC committee of scientific advisors on medical devices to facilitate access of medicines and devices which are of benefit to urology patients.

Rare & Complex Urological Conditions

The EAU uses the partnership with the eUROGEN to defend strategies that support urological patients with rare and complex conditions.

Patient Advocacy

Joined up advocacy initiatives for and with patients must be the foundation of EAU Patient Office work. The EAU will strengthen advocacy with urological patient organizations, and develop a strand of awareness-raising on an issue relevant to urology patients (outside of uro-oncology).

EU Incontinence Plan

An EU Incontinence policy paper is currently written in order to project the future plans in the field of incontinence. Urinary incontinence fits in four main themes of the EU priority plans: chronic diseases, aging, prevention and also contains elements related to the Green Deal. The policy paper will focus on the three aspects of incontinence: prevention, cure and care. The paper is prepared together with WFIPP, the ICS and the EAU Section of Functional Female Urology (ESFFU).

An Urge to Act

An Urge to Act is an initiative aimed at achieving substantial change in policies relating to incontinence across Europe. Urinary incontinence is a medical problem that affects a wide range of people in Europe. While older people are often affected, many other individuals may suffer from incontinence due to various causes.

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The EAU is proud to be a member of the following European networks with whom we work jointly on policy and advocacy: