The European Union has a substantial impact on public health and health systems in Europe. Demographic ageing and the shift towards chronic conditions both increase costs in health systems. Therefore, the influence of transnational regulatory bodies like the EU will continue to grow.

This affects urologists, who are progressively bound by cross border legislation governing treatment options and patient care. The EAU brings together the voices of medical professionals, researchers, innovators and patients on a European platform to keep urological 

topics high on the public agenda. Our mission is to improve the health of citizens throughout Europe, set the highest standards in urological care and promote efficiency and compassion in the operation of hospital and healthcare services.

The EAU aims to:

  • Increase awareness of urology and underline the importance of urological care to a broader audience
  • Identify at an early stage policy developments that could affect the health sector
  • Influence policy by actively participating in negotiations and discussions on issues that matter to the health sector across Europe
  • Exchange information, good practices and learning experiences, to increase the quality of patient care