What we do

Proactive and hands-on advocacy is a core value for the EAU. Engagement with the EU and regulatory bodies is crucial to address issues related to urology.

Therefore, the EAU will:

  • Engage and advise EU Commissioners and MEPs in key areas of interest, raising the profile of urology at the European level
  • Collaborate with EU level patient organisations, medical societies and other regulatory bodies, to present a strong advocacy front that benefits urologists and their  patients.
  • Collect scientific evidence, to provide evidence-based responses to EU consultations.
  • Highlight EU funding opportunities relevant for the EAU members and provide advice on accessing EU funds.
  • Inform members about EU legislative changes to ensure that EAU members always operate within the most up-to-date regulatory framework.
  • Participate in European Reference Networks (ERNs), to facilitate access to diagnosis, treatment and high-quality, cost-effective health care for patients in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Stimulate information exchange at European level to improve urological education, and foster knowledge exchange.
  • Organise the European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day (EPAD) to raise awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the management of prostate cancer