EAU Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU)

The ESOU covers one of the largest and most diverse subjects in medicine– oncological urology. Our scope embraces all aspects related to causes, detection, prevention, staging, screening, prognosis, non-surgical and surgical treatment of all the common adult urological cancers. We approach this immense field by stimulating scientific research, encouraging continuous education and knowledge-sharing within our subspecialty and across disciplines.

The ESOU was established in 2001 as an official member of the EAU Section Office under the name of the European Society of Oncological Urology. In 2003, the ESOU organised its first scientific meeting. In 2009, the ESOU adopted its current title and continued to develop themes of evidence-based practice, reporting recent breakthroughs, rewarding outstanding European research and offering multiple benefits to the EAU members as well as oncological urology specialists from all over the world.

Below is a quick overview of what we do. For more information please download the latest ESOU flyer and on the section blog you will find the latest information about the ongoing projects and resources.

What do we do?

To achieve our objective, we provide educational opportunities for onco-urologists and run mentorship programmes for the upcoming generation of urology professionals. Throughout all our programmes we offer guidance in current controversies encouraging the continuous improvement of patient care.

Every year, the ESOU organises a dedicated section meeting and sends speakers to various national and international conferences. We celebrate excellence in onco-urology research and practice through our awards and we support the upcoming talent through our STEPS programme.

Who steers ESOU?

The ESOU leadership is represented by top-experts in the field of onco-urology. The section is steered by the Board of eight members and a chairman, who is elected every four years. This representation ensures that all urological cancers and all treatment modalities are sufficiently covered within our broad field.

Who is this section for?

All EAU members with an interest in oncological urology will benefit from our initiatives. We believe that all senior trainees as well as well as trained urology surgeons, oncologists and affiliated medical professionals will find the ESOU initiatives stimulating and useful.

What can we do for you?

The annual ESOU Section meeting is one of the best-attended meetings organised under the umbrella of the EAU. This meeting has a great format: all our delegates have the opportunity to gain highly applicable knowledge and to build professional networks within the field of oncological urology. We also regularly publish news, opinion articles and analytical reviews – online and in the EUT.

How to participate?

If you have any suggestions regarding the content of our meetings, or any ideas on how the ESOU could contribute to the development of our subspecialty, do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, if you are organising a scientific event or developing an educational programme in the field of oncological urology, we are also welcome you to discuss the possibilities for cooperation.


STEPS Programme

With the aim to boost links with promising young clinicians specialising in urological cancers, the EAU Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU) has developed the STEPS programme (Sessions To Evaluate ProgresS in the  management of urological cancers). Piloted in 2011, STEPS will celebrate its 7th Anniversary in January 2017 at the 14th ESOU Meeting in Barcelona.

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