How we work

The General Assembly

The General Assembly, the EAU’s highest decision-making body, is mandated to pass resolutions which are necessary to achieve the goals of the association, except those resolutions which are part of the responsibilities of the Executive Committee.

The General Assembly decides on resolutions which include changes in the EAU’s statutes, bylaws, the election of members of the Executive Committee or

the Board, the rejection of applications and salient membership issues, the approval of the annual report, and the dissolution or alteration of the EAU as a legal entity.


The EAU Bylaws govern the organisation and operation of the EAU. They are the official documents in which the administrative structure and way of working of the organisation is laid down.

The European Academy of Urology

The European Academy of Urology is the advisory body to and of the EAU. It consists of a maximum of twelve members who have previously had official responsibilities within the Association.

They can be contacted by the Secretary General, at any time, for advice. The Executive Committee will once yearly present the programmes and activities of the different Offices to the members of this advisory body for advice and suggestions.

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