EAU Communication

J. Sønksen

Treasurer & Executive
Member Communication
Herlev (DK)


The Treasurer shall be elected for four years and may be re-elected in this position once for another term of four years. Before the second term of the Treasurer expires, the Executive Committee may decide that the maximum term of eight (8) years in the position of the Treasurer can be extended. If such decision is taken by the Executive Committee a further reelection in the position of the Treasurer shall be possible upon nomination by the SNC. The Treasurer has the following duties:

  • To be the custodian of the assets of the Association.
  • To work with the Executive Management in overseeing all general accounting and financial recordkeeping functions of the Association.
  • To ensure that the annual accounts of the Association are audited each year by a certified public accountant and shall present the report of this audit to the Executive Committee and to the General Assembly.
  • To represent the Executive Committee as ex-officio for the Offices related to Communication.