Andrology and Office Urology in close co-operation not only during the ELUTS2019

31 October 2019

During the ELUTS2019 in Prague and the ESAU section meeting on Thursday 31st of October 2019 our section had the pleasure of a Joint Session of ESAU and ESUO concerning:

Andrology debates in office urology.

The meeting was chaired by N. Sofikitis, Ioannina (GR) from the ESAU section and H. Haas, Heppenheim (DE) from the ESUO.
The ESUO members contributed hot topics and aspects from real-time office urology, the ESAU speakers the related scientific information.

Varicocele and azoospermia: Case presentation and keynote lecture
F. Dimitriadis, Thessaloniki (GR) (ESUO)
Varicocele in azoospermic males: Varicocelectomy vs TESE as a primary treatment
S. Minhas, London (GB) (ESAU)

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and male reproductive potential: Case presentation and keynote lecture
S. Haensel, Rotterdam (NL) (ESUO)
Effects of SSRIs on male reproductive potential
T. Diemer, Giessen (DE) (ESAU)

Genetic causes of male infertility: Case presentation and keynote lecture
A. Zachariou, Ioannina (GR) (ESUO)
Genetic aspects in male infertility
S. Kliesch, Münster (DE) (ESAU)

Priapism: Case presentation and keynote lecture
H. Haas, Heppenheim (DE) (ESUO)
Current management of priapism
F. Fusco, Naples (IT) (ESAU)