New technology for surgical training

In this third episode of the special podcast series on "Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative new technological tools for urologists", Assoc. Prof. Juan Gómez Rivas (ES) talks to Assoc. Prof. Stefano Puliatti (IT) from the University Hospital of Modena, about new technology for surgical training.

Published Sun, 27 Aug 2023
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Assoc. Prof. Puliatti shares details of psychologist Prof. Anthony Gallagher's development of the proficiency-based progression (PBP) methodology for surgical training, whereby metrics for a single specific procedure are followed (including critical errors and steps for standardised procedures). Once the training in the lab is mastered, trainees can progress.

New technologies that are really game-changing are recordings and sharing platforms so you can find surgeries done by experts and learn from these, as well as watching your own recordings to look for mistakes. Also, virtual or augmented reality, and 3D printing models, which help with reconstruction and surgical planning. 5G and telementoring will allow for communications from experts via real-time. Devices such as Google glasses may also prove useful in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Puliatti elaborates on the expense and accessibility of training with these new technologies, and some potential solutions.

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