Laparoscopic v's new robotic platforms: Which surgery for which intervention?

This is 'Episode 4' of the special podcast series on "Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative new technological tools for urologists". Assoc. Prof. Juan Gómez Rivas (ES) talks to expert Dr. Karl-Friedrich Kowalewski (DE) on laparoscopy procedures and the emergence of advanced robotic platforms.

Published Sun, 3 Sep 2023
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Over the years laparoscopy has become the standard for various interventions, such as gallbladder removal, appendectomy and certain gynaecological procedures. However, recent advancements in robotic surgical platforms have revolutionised the field, offering enhanced precision, dexterity, and 3D visualisation for complex surgeries.

Dr. Kowalewski analyses the benefits and limitations of both laparoscopic and robotic approaches. This information can help with decision-making to determine the most suitable surgical method for specific interventions based on patient characteristics and procedure complexity.

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