The role of telemedicine and apps for the management of cancer patients

This is 'Episode I' of a new podcast series on "Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative new technological tools for urologists". Assoc. Prof. Juan Gómez Rivas (ES) talks to expert Assoc. Prof. Severin Rodler (DE) about the role of telemedicine and applications for the management of cancer patients.

Published Sun, 13 Aug 2023
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Telemedicine and healthcare applications have revolutionised patient management by offering remote healthcare services and personalised tools for patients. Assoc. Prof. Rodler discusses the benefits of these innovations such as increased accessibility to healthcare, as well as reduced hospital visits, cost savings, and empowering patients to take a proactive role in monitoring and managing their health.

Nevertheless, Assoc. Prof. Rodler shares details the significant challenges to consider also. These include the limited capability for physical examinations, accuracy of diagnoses, potential for misdiagnosis, improper treatment, technological barriers, and privacy issues.

When looking at the future of telemedicine, Assoc. Prof. Rodler expresses the importance of guidelines, the need for level one evidence in a remote setting, and the formation of a secure data infrastructure.

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