Special series: 3D models for kidney cancer with caval thrombous

In 'Episode 3' of the podcast series on "Uro-oncologic surgery driven by new technologies", Prof. Ricardo Autorino (IT) talks to expert Dr. Inés Rivero Belenchón (ES) about 3D models for kidney cancer with caval thrombous.

Published Sun, 1 Oct 2023
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3D models are proving invaluable in addressing kidney cancer cases involving caval thrombosis, where the tumour extends into the vena cava. Dr. Rivero Belenchón discusses how these models, generated from advanced imaging, offer precise visualisations of the tumour's position and size within the blood vessels. Surgeons use these models to plan intricate procedures that remove the tumour while minimising damage to vital vessels, and they can simulate surgeries beforehand for better outcomes.

Dr. Rivero Belenchón points out that interdisciplinary collaboration among medical experts is also enhanced, leading to more personalised and effective treatment strategies. In essence, 3D models greatly improve surgical planning and patient care for kidney cancer with caval thrombosis.

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