Special series: 3D models and augmented reality for prostate cancer surgery

This is 'Episode 1' of a new podcast series on "Uro-oncologic surgery driven by new technologies." Prof. Ricardo Autorino (US) talks to expert Dr. Enrico Checcucci (IT) about 3D models and augmented reality for prostate cancer surgery.

Published Sun, 17 Sep 2023
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In the realm of prostate cancer surgery, 3D models and augmented reality (AR) are emerging as transformative technologies. Surgeons are utilising 3D models generated from patient imaging data (mp-MRI in particular for prostate cancer) to create precise visualisations of the prostate and its surrounding structures. These models offer detailed insights into tumour location, aiding in surgical planning and decision-making.

AR takes this a step further by overlaying virtual information onto the surgeon's field of view during the procedure. This real-time augmentation provides surgeons with vital data, such as tumour boundaries and critical blood vessels, enhancing surgical accuracy and reducing the risk of complications.

Ultimately, the integration of 3D models and AR in prostate cancer surgery holds the potential to revolutionise the way surgeries are planned and executed, leading to improved patient outcomes and more precise interventions. Lastly, the advent of artificial intelligence and its integration with AR platforms will allow for the improvement of the precision of the overlapping with more dynamic assistance for the surgeon.

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