Special series: Vascular perfusion 3D models and augmented reality for RCC surgery

In 'Episode 2' of this podcast series on "Uro-oncologic surgery driven by new technologies", Prof. Ricardo Autorino (IT) talks to expert Ass. Prof. Daniele Amparore (IT) about vascular perfusion 3D models and augmented reality for kidney cancer surgery.

Published Sun, 24 Sep 2023
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Vascular perfusion 3D models and augmented reality (AR) are revolutionising kidney cancer surgery. These technologies provide surgeons with detailed 3D representations of patients' kidneys and their blood vessels. By incorporating colour-coded perfusion data, surgeons can identify and preserve vital vessels while resecting the tumour.

Ass. Prof. Amparore discusses how AR takes this further by overlaying these models onto the surgeon's view during the operation, enhancing precision in locating tumour boundaries and critical vessels. This integration enhances surgical planning, reduces risks, and improves postoperative outcomes, particularly in partial nephrectomies. Beyond kidney surgery, these advancements hold potential for transforming complex procedures across medical specialties.

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