Prostate Cancer

New and relevant evidence has been identified, collated and appraised through a structured assessment of the literature and incorporated in all chapters of the 2018 EAU PCa Guidelines.

Key changes for the 2018 print:

The literature for the complete document has been assessed and updated, where relevant. The treatment sections have been completely restructured and evidence summaries and recommendations have been amended throughout the current document.


Several new sections have been added:

  • Section - Fluoride PET and PET/CT, choline PET/CT and MRI;
  • Section - Prostate-specific membrane antigen-based PET/CT;
  • Section - Summary of evidence and practical consideration regarding initial N/M staging.

Specific sections of the text have been updated based on systematic review (SR) questions prioritised by the Guidelines Panel. These reviews were performed using standard Cochrane SR methodology;

  • Section - Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) and Section – Imaging for treatment selection.
  • Section - Pelvic lymph node dissection and Section - Early complications of extended lymph node dissection.