The literature for the entire document has been checked and, wherever relevant, updated (see Methods section 2.1). References and supporting text have also been refreshed. For 2022, several new sections have been added to these guidelines. These include chapter 3.5. Radiation exposure and protection during endourology and chapter 5. Follow-up of urinary stones. Throughout the text passages on best clinical practice for the use of different interventions have been added to the relevant sections. In addition, chapter 3.4.3 Medical expulsive therapy has been thoroughly revised and the Bladder Stones guidelines, previously a separate document, have been integrated into this text. Four new algorithms have also been added:

  • Figure 4.2: Diagnostic algorithm for calcium oxalate stones
  • Figure 4.6: Diagnostic algorithm for uric acid stones
  • Figure 5.1: Follow-up duration of urinary stone patients after treatments
  • Figure 5.2: Consensus on follow-up frequency and imaging modality to use after treatment