Urological Trauma

For the 2022 Urological Trauma Guidelines, new and relevant evidence has been identified, collated and appraised through a structured assessment of the literature. A broad and comprehensive literature search, covering all sections of the Urological Trauma Guidelines was performed. The scope search identified 1,412 unique references of which 102 full texts were reviewed resulting in 29 additional references and text updates being incorporated throughout the 2022 version of the Urological trauma Guidelines. In addition, Table 4.1.1 has been adapted to reflect the updated American Association for the Surgery (AAST) renal trauma injury scale. However, all references included in 2022 edition of the Guidelines are based on the AAST 1989 renal injury scale. The 2018 injury scale does not outperform the previous grading system in predicting bleeding and the need for treatment intervention and does no impact on the validity of the current recommendations.