Renal Cell Carcinoma

All chapters of the 2024 RCC Guidelines have been updated, based on the 2023 version of the Guidelines. References have been added throughout the document. Other key changes incorporated in this publication includes:

  • A new section 5.2.3 on other investigations and emerging technologies;
  • An update of Table 5.1: Bosniak classification of renal cysts;
  • New summary of evidence (SOE) and recommendations for prognostic factors using the Leibovich and VENUSS scoring models;
  • A new section on off-clamp vs on clamp partial nephrectomy as well as accompanying new SOE and recommendations in section;
  • A new update in section on stereotactic ablative radiotherapy;
  • New SOE and recommendations for neoadjuvant therapy in section;
  • A new section on small molecule inhibitors, as well as new accompanying SOE and recommendation is section;
  • Updates on the SOE and recommendations in section;
  • Updates to both figure 7.1 and figure 7.2;
  • New SOE in section as well as in both SOE and recommendation table;
  • A new section on other rare tumours;
  • New SOE and recommendation in section 8.3; 
  • A new section 8.4 on patient involvement including a recommendation table.