About the EUSP

The European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP) believes that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied; a sharing of expertise benefits not only a community but also enlarges the vision and influence of our specialty.

European Urological Scholarship Programme

If you need a boost in your career as a urologist or researcher, if you are ambitious, driven and open-minded – the European Urological Scholarship Programme is the opportunity you have been looking for!

Aims & Conditions

The aim of the European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP) is to stimulate clinical and experimental research in Europe and to promote exchange amongst European urologists.

The programmes of the EUSP can be conducted in all European institutions in which appropriate programmes for clinical and experimental research and exchange can be executed. The different fellowships and scholarships the EUSP offers will stimulate progress in clinical and scientific research within the EAU and amongst European urology and urologists. Exchange of urological knowledge and developments are indeed keystones of further improvement in the standards of care and research of European urology.

Eligibility for the EUSP
Applicants for the EUSP Scholarships must be urologists, urologists in training or urology associated basic scientists and all projects and/or visits must be conducted in a European institution. For the year 2021, EUSP scholarships can also take place in the home country of the applicant. Membership of the EAU is another condition for application. Further conditions for application can be found in the description of the different programmes.

EUSP Office


V.G. Mirone

Naples (IT)

A.S. Merseburger

Lübeck (DE)
Chair Elect

P. Nyirády

Budapest (HU)

G. Patruno

Rome (IT)

V. Phé

Paris (FR)

J.A. Schalken

Nijmegen (NL)

C. Stief

Munich (DE)

D. Tilki

Hamburg (DE)

G. Jenster

Rotterdam (NL)

J. Rassweiler

Heilbronn (DE)

H. Van Poppel

Leuven (BE)

J.L. Vásquez

Roskilde​​ (DK)

C. Wagner

Gronau (DE)