The EAU Section Office

The EAU Section Office actively brings attention to and develops subspecialist fields in urology. Thirteen EAU Sections are included in its structure, together covering a wide range of topics.

Within the EAU structure, the sections represent a platform for narrowly-focused collaboration. The sections create opportunities for urologists to meet and exchange experiences with like-minded colleagues. The sections also run many ambitious projects, organise meetings and educational activities.

The work is often multidisciplinary in nature, and many of the projects are a result of joints effort across sections and other members of the EAU structure – the European School of Urology and the European Urology Scholarship Programme amongst others.


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Are you an EAU Member? Become an Affiliate of an EAU Section today and receive the latest information on the work of the Section of your interest.

Are you an Affiliate, already involved and published within the subspecialty, and have 10+ articles on PubMed? Apply as an Associate*, and shape the work of your Section.

For more information on Affiliate and Associate role, contact Angela Terberg, EAU Section Office Coordinator.

*All applications are reviewed by the board of the subspecialty Section

EAU Section Board Meeting 2019

Photo: The EAU Section Board Meeting in Barcelona at EAU19.

Latest News

EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) guidelines during COVID-19 emergency

EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) guidelines during COVID-19 emergency

Below, you will find the ERUS Guidelines on dealing with robotic surgery during COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to time constraints, a rigorous review process has not been possible. These guidelines are the results of the scientific evidence present and are to be seen as a consensus of taking in account that all should be done to […]

Penile transplantation programmes in Europe: Multidisciplinary team should include urological surgeon

Prof. Ignacio Moncada (left) and Prof. Curtis Cetrulo.  In the past, penile transplantation was a theme for jokes, more than a medical reality. But now the Vascularised Composite Allotransplantation (VCA) has become a viable alternative for some complex defects (face, hands…), penile transplantation is considered a possibility. Total phalloplasty can be a solution for transgender patients […]

The EAU Section Office

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