The Young Academic Urologists

The Young Academic Urologists (YAU) is a group of talented and already renowned European young urologists (<40 years old).

The YAU was established by the EAU as part of the Young Urologists Office (YUO). The YAU has developed strategic partnerships with the Guidelines Office, the Sections Office and the ESU, the natural partners of the EAU for the development 

of clinical, educational and investigational projects. Other collaborations with other groups in the EAU have been developed to support the newly-formed European Curriculum of Urology (ECU) and the Patient Information projects.

YAU is going prospective

One of the aims of YAU is to improve academic skills of our members and to provide high quality evidence. If you are a YAU member or you are looking forward to submit your application, please read the following recommendations for project proposals.

Get involved in the YAU

The Young Academic Urologist play a key role in the continuously improvement of urological practice, research and education. We are looking for young urologists (<40 years) to contribute in helping to grow these initiatives.

If you are interested to contribute to one of the nine YAU working groups in an active way, we kindly invite you to fill out the form below. In the box you can explain your motivation and state how you would like to participate.

Our Mission

We aim to promote high-quality studies in order to provide strong evidence for the best urological practice, to promote educational programmes in order to boost European training standards and to create a platform for close international cooperation for the future urology leaders in Europe (and beyond).

The YAU will also focus on the development of leadership skills for young urologists. As a result of this network and cooperation, the young academic 

urologist will be able to further enhance his or her academic career and improve scientific skills by exchanging and exploring new ideas.


Young Academic Urologists Office Board

J. Gómez Rivas

Madrid (ES)

B. Bañuelos Marco

Berlin (DE)

G. Cacciamani

Los Angeles (US)

R. Campi

Florence (IT)

G. Gandaglia

Milan (IT)

L.A. Kluth

Frankfurt a.M. (DE)

A. Larcher

Milan (IT)

M. Moschini

Milan (IT)

V. Phé

Paris (FR)

A. Pietropaolo

Southampton (GB)

G.I. Russo

Catania (IT)

A. Territo

Barcelona (ES)

J.P.M. Sedelaar

Nijmegen (NL)